Escape Rooms


We offer two unique interactive/theatrical adventures:

MAD SCIENTIST - Suitable for children 14 and older, fun for all ages. Our suggested game for first timers. Minimum 2 players. We suggest 4 - 8 players for optimum fun!

ZOMBIE OUTBREAK - Brutally gruesome best describes this glimpse of the zombie apocalypse we all know is coming. Hone your survival skills in our premier Escape Room! 16 yrs and older. Minimum 4 players with high difficulty. We suggest 6 - 8 for optimum fun!

HOUDINI'S REVENGE - (Under Construction) Learn some of Harry's magic tricks and other interesting facts about the world's greatest magician. And you'll want to pay attention, you just might need a little magic to escape. 



Mad Scientist.jpg

"Cebrius-Maximus"our neighbor had exclaimed at the block party last night, "is the breakthrough of the century!" He claimed it had increased Chimpanzee brain function by at least 50%, effectively doubling I.Q. Unfortunately the prolonged use of the drug caused insanity in the test chimps, but he claims the procedure is now safe and he has  found a way to make the effect permanent with a simple 60 minute treatment. He's looking for test subjects. What do you think? I'd like to be smarter, how about you?

2-10 Players
60 min time limit
Complexity: 5/5 $30/Player



You and your friends have survived the zombie outbreak, but you are hungry and tired and need shelter from a looming storm. Fate smiles and you find the CDC outpost that has isolated the virus and is working on a cure.

Did I say fate smiled? Could have been laughter...

4-10 Players
60 min time limit
Complexity: 6/5 $30/Player

All players must be at least 16 years old.



milk can.png

(Under Construction)

Harry Houdini, the legendary Escape Artist, built intricate puzzles into the Trophy Den of his Harlem Townhouse. In 1926 the Society of American Magicians converted the townhouse into the Houdini Home Museum. The puzzle room is visited by magicians the world over, all hoping to outsmart Houdini and learn some of the tricks he took to his grave... Or did he?  Rumor has it Houdini hid his most closely guarded secrets in his Trophy Den and only those willing to face the peril of death will be worthy...

4-8 Players
60 min time limit
Complexity: 3/5 $30/Player