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Escape Rooms


We offer three unique vape friendly adventures:

MAD SCIENTIST - Suitable for children 14 and older, fun for all ages. 

HOUDINI'S REVENGE - (Under Construction) Learn some of Harry's magic tricks and other interesting facts about the world's greatest magician. And you'll want to pay attention, you just might need a little magic to escape. 

ZOMBIE OUTBREAK - (Under Construction) Brutally gruesome best describes this glimpse of the zombie apocalypse we all know is coming. Hone your survival skills in our premier Escape Room! 



Mad Scientist.jpg

"Cebrius-Maximus"our neighbor had exclaimed at the block party last night, "is the breakthrough of the century!" He claimed it had increased Chimpanzee brain function by at least 50%, effectively doubling I.Q. Unfortunately the prolonged use of the drug caused dementia in the test chimps, but he claims the procedure is now safe and he and his colleagues have  found a way to make the effect permanent with a simple 60 minute treatment. He's looking for test subjects. What do you think? I'd like to be smarter, how about you?

2-10 Players
60 min time limit
Complexity: 5/5



(Under Construction)

Harry Houdini, the legendary Escape Artist, built intricate puzzles into the Trophy Den of his Harlem Townhouse. In 1926 the Society of American Magicians converted the townhouse into the Houdini Home Museum. The puzzle room is visited by magicians the world over, all hoping to outsmart Houdini and learn some of the tricks he took to his grave... Or did he?  Rumor has it Houdini hid his most closely guarded secrets in his Trophy Den and only those willing to face the peril of death will be worthy...

2-8 Players
60 min time limit
Complexity: 4/5



(Under Construction)

You and your friends have survived the zombie outbreak, but you are hungry and tired and need shelter from a looming storm. Fate smiles and you find the CDC outpost that has isolated the virus and is working on a cure.

Did I say fate smiled? Could have been laughter...

2-10 Players
60 min time limit
Complexity: 5/5



Our Escape Rooms Are Great For


Birthday Parties

Want an extraordinary Birthday Celebration? Come and party at PARADOXsquared! Our rooms are fun for groups of all ages and will make your party one to remember! The Mad Scientist and Houdini's Revenge Rooms are suitable for children 14 years and older.  Contact us at for details on our party room and special game play accommodations.


Family and Friends

Historic Woodstock Square is a great place to spend the day with family and friends. Outdoor Concerts, Live Theater, Unique Specialty Shops and Cafes are just a few of the many activities offered by our community. Check us out at


Corporate Team Building and Employee Rewards

A visit to PARADOXsquared is a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate their contributions. A gift for them, and an opportunity for you to join in and experience your team's synergy. Individual strengths and weaknesses are magnified while everyone enjoys the unique pressure cooker dynamics of our Escape Rooms. (The clock is ticking...)

 And after the game, feel free to use our conference/debriefing/party room to celebrate your victory and/or analyze your team's interactions.


College Friends

Academia stressing you out? We wouldn't say our Escape Rooms are relaxing, but they do offer unique diversion. 


What are Escape Rooms? 

Escape Rooms are part game, part theater, part team-building exercise... and all fun. Picture you and your friends trapped in a Room with disaster (of some sort) just minutes away. You must find clues, solve puzzles, and unlock mysteries that will allow you to escape the room and avoid the impending calamity! The joy of victory or the agony of defeat will be yours to talk and laugh about for days.


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